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Student Life

At GOAL we strive for our students to establish connections/rapport with fellow GOALIES.

We offer a flexible schedule for our students. We also have set times during the day and each month where we come together as a student body


How do we do this?

Virtual Morning Meetings: We have daily morning meetings for our students. This provides the student with leadership discussions, establish school community, review important announcements.

Google Meet Homeroom Links (MS and HS 8-8:15, Elementary 8:15-8:30)


Weekly Virtual Eagle Hour:

Students meet with their GMSD Learning Coach once a week. During these sessions students are assisted with study skills, organization, and support. This is an opportunity for each student to meet with fellow GOALIES in their specific grade level.



We provide monthly opportunities to gather In Person:

August: School Kick-off Event

September: Game Night

October: Fun and Frisbee Event

November/December: GOALIE Giving

January: Bowling

February: Service Project: CPR training

March: Fun and Frisbee Event

April: GMSD Stampede 

May: Picnic and Senior Graduation


We provide Lunch and Learn Opportunities in which special guest speakers are invited to speak with our students.


Examples of a few sessions

  •     School District Leaders
  •     Local Business Owners
  •     Virtual College Visits
  •     Local elected officials
  •     Veterans
  •     Virtual Field Trips: Ex: Zoo, TN State Museum


Service Leadership Opportunities:

Annual CPR certification

Random Acts of Kindness opportunities to serve the home, neighborhood, and community