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Eligibility Requirements For GOAL


1. The applicant has a minimum 2.3 grade point average at the high school level.


2. Middle school and elementary school applicants have an overall "C" average in all core subjects.


3. The applicant was promoted to the next grade level.


4. High school applicants are on track to graduate with their graduation cohort.


5. High school applicants do not require credit recovery.


6. The student maintains an appropriate attendance record with less than 5 unexcused absences.


7. A parent/guardian is available to support the student during the instructional day.


8. Student must have access to reliable Internet to complete daily assignments.


9. Student must participate complete in-person required state and district benchmark assessments.


10. Student must adhere to all GMSD student handbook guidelines, policies, procedures.


11 Student must follow all GMSD board policies and GOAL policies and procedures.



1. This is a full year commitment.


2. In the event that a student has not maintained attendance, repeated behavior infractions (this includes Honor Code violations), or failed one or more core subjects or credit bearing courses for the year, the student will not be able to re-enroll for the 24-25 school year.


3. In the event that a student has a 504, IEP, or ELL - a meeting will be held to review services/accommodations. The team will review placement as needed throughout the year to evaluate student performance, need of support, and appropriateness of learning modality.

For planning purposes will need a current copy of the 504, IEP, or ELL.


4. We ask for transparency during the application process. Failure to provide complete and accurate information will result in revoked GOAL enrollment for the current and future academic years.