GOAL and GEF partner with Music Box for exciting new music series

In an exciting partnership, the Germantown Education Foundation has recently awarded the virtual school three $500 mini grants. These grants are set to unlock a world of musical exploration and creative growth, benefitting students from Kindergarten through to high school.


Elementary Adventure in Music

The K-5 age group are set to participate in a captivating series of five monthly workshops hosted at Germantown's local Music Box. These workshops will immerse the virtual learners in music improvisation, provide the thrill of karaoke, and take a closer look at various musical instruments.


Middle School and High School Exploration

For the middle school (6-8) and high school (9-12) students, the opportunities are equally exciting. They will embark on their own series of five monthly workshops at Germantown's Music Box, where the focus will shift towards understanding music as a potential career path. The workshops will delve into the exciting world of podcasting, the art of building a personal brand, and the intricacies of songwriting. These workshops will provide valuable insights into the music industry and equip students with skills that can open doors to creative careers.