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Student Life

School Life:
At GOAL we strive for our students to establish connections/rapport with fellow GOALIES.
We offer a flexible schedule for our students. We also have set times during the day and year
where we come together as a school.
How do we do this?
We have morning meetings to kick the day off together. This fosters daily community.
We provide monthly opportunities to gather in person:
August: School Kick-off Event
September: Game Night
October: Fun and Frisbee Event
November/December: GOALIE Giving
January: Bowling
February: Service Project: CPR training
March: Fun and Frisbee Event
April: GMSD Stampede
May: Picnic and Senior Graduation
Video Game Club:
During the week, we provide students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to game with fellow
GOALIES. Our purpose is for students of similar interests to engage with each other, hone their
skills/talents, and cultivate community. There isn’t a fee for this activity.