Mrs. Adams is making a difference at Farmington Elementary

By Student Reporter: Ashley Yan
Germantown, TN--January 4, 2022--A teacher at Farmington Elementary is making a difference by promoting inclusivity and diversity within her kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Adams taught a lesson on celebrations around the world during this holiday season, featuring holidays such as Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and more. However, one kindergartener noticed a holiday close to his own heart was missing: Eid. Upon Mrs. Adam’s realization, she planned an Eid Day for her kindergarten class to learn about other cultures. This also included fun crafts and cut-and-paste activities for all the students to experience the holiday season in an engaging way. Dean Bahhur, the student, and his mother expressed their great gratitude for Mrs. Adam’s compassion for “going the extra mile” which brought feelings of joy and belonging to the Bahhur family. GMSD ensures all students feel welcomed and included within the classroom. students making crafts